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German WWII NSDAP Armband for an Ortsgruppenleiter.  This armband is in excellent condition, but is short.  Looks to be tunic removed and measures about 14.5 inches in length, most armbands for tunics are 16-17 inches long.  This one would be perfect for display or might fit a Brownshirt sleeve.  Multi-section center with the larger leaf center for an Orstgruppenleiter.  Very nice but shorter then normal.  


German WWII or Pre-war SA Wehrmannschaft armband.  Mint and in unissued condition, this ones Red on a cotton weave material.  Have a multi-section center with the gold bullion wire weave for the emblem in the center.  Full length and on the back is a MINT Blue RZM tag, very nice!  These were worn by SA members while is civilian clothing when assisting with Emergencys.


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