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Imperial German Uhlan Tunic

German Imperial Uhlan tunic.  Thuringiscnes Ulanen Regiment NR 6.  XVIII Armee Korps.  Blue TOP quality moleskin wool with Red piping all over the coat.  Double breasted cut with Inner Red lapels.  Hooks hold the front flap. Smooth shinny Chromed finish to the matching buttons, they all have a solid backing.  Collar is a tall stand-up style Red with a Blue piping and Gold wide tress.  Three collar hooks.  Shoulderboards are very nice and high decorated.  Brass fittings with the Kaisers Crown and the cypher, Red based and Heavy.  Cuffs are Red based with a Gold tress, some of the finish is wearing on the tress.  The back is highly detailed.  Red piping with the Chromed buttuons and the back flaps.  I see NO mothing or fading to this excellent condition tunic!  Liner is a Black satin and is near mint.  Inner belt with chromed buckles, minor blemish on the buckles, but minor.  Red inner lapels.  White sleeve material.  This tunic is in excellent condition and I have not seen one this old this nice!


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