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German WWII Officers Jackboots


Original German WWII Officers jackboots.  Black leather, matched set.  These are on good condition, but show wear and use.  Leather is still soft, but the tops are stiffer as they should be.  The leather soles show use, but are solid, small toe irons on front and on the rear, are the Heel irons.  A few nails are missing from the heel irons.  Inside is what appears to be a name, also a few numbers but very hard to see or read.  Length of the shoe is 11.2 inches, so rough size is about 9.5 maybe 10.  One boot has both of the cloth inner pulls, but the other boot is missing one pull.  One boot at the rear seam, has loose stitches for about 3/4 inch.  Great for display, but remember there over 70+ years old and care must be taken with them.


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