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German WWII Army (HEER) Complete Uniform Set for a Medical Doctor

German Army (HEER) complete uniform grouping to a named doctor.  This is a complete set and its named.  First the tunic, its a piped service tunic for a Medical reserve Captain.  The tunic is piped in Blue and is a fine quality tailor made tunic.  Five button front, the tunic has a Darkgreen deep pointed collar wich is also piped in Blue, with the dress collar tabs Silver bullion on a Blue.  Shoulderboards are sew-in style, and are Gray based for a Reserve officer then Blue for medical, two gold pips and the medical cypher.  All buttons match and are Silver pebbled finish and marked "EXTRA "A" FEIN" (ASSMANN) on the backs.  A fine Silver bullion wire breast eagle on front.  Cuffs are also piped in Blue.  The liner is fine Green rayon material and it has the inner dagger hanger, slot for the hanger, and an inner belt and buckle.  There is some damage here and there to the tunic, in the form of snags to the wool all around see the photos for more details, liner has a few as well, but overall its nice.  There are loops for two medals and a ribbon bar. 

Next is the Greatcoat.  Very nice and a fine quality moleskin wool coat.  Coat has gray finish pebbled buttons that all match.  There also marked "EXTRA FEIN" on the backs.  a few moth tracks, but few and not an issue, this greatcoat is VERY NICE.  Shoulderboards are the same as the tunic.  Sew-in style, and are Gray based for a Reserve officer then Blue for medical, two gold pips and the medical cypher.  Full satin liner with the dagger hanger and slot.  Inside the coats pocket is the name tag for Dr. Forst yera?  and dated 1937.  Really nice.  Next are the trousers.  These are flared style and StoneGray wool.  A very high quality wool.  They have ties at the sides of the calf's.  A repair below the button up fly and a repair on the rear.  Side adjustment buckles on each side, and they show light use, mainly where the hand enters the pocket.  Very nice, partial liner.  Pants are not named. 

Last is the visor.  This is one of the best visors I have ever seen and is a top quality made item!  Moleskin wool, same as the greatcoat, piped in Dark Blue for Medical, has matching Aluminium eagle and wreath with cockade.  Fine Silver bullion chincord.  Silver pebbled side buttons.  Very clean bill, no age cracks.   Very tight liner material, satin like that has a 100% complete sweat diamond with the makers name.  Tan sweatband is perfect.  This cap even has its 100% intact orange sponge behind the sweatband!  Cap is fantastic!  Complete set, only the Greatcoat is named, but you wont find a set like this anywhere!



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