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German WWII Coastal Artillery NCO's Greatcoat

German WWII Coastal Artillery greatcoat.  This is the issue greatcoat for the Coastal Artillery, made of a Green/Gray wool, the coat has the Anchor painted CA buttons.  The paint finish is about 40%.  The greatcoat is in unissued condition and was most likely worn little.  It has slip-on shoulderboards for the Coastal Artillery with the Yellow Anchor with wings and is Gold Tressed for an NCO.  The partial liner is a White cotton material and is clean, but there are stains here and there, and some tearing to the liner at the back.  The wool is nice, no mothing, but a light stain on the back of the coat near the rear belt, its light, but its there.  Nice and rare greatcoat.  Liner is not marked.  


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