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German WWI or Imperial Ulanka Named Tunic

German WWI or Imperial Ulanka tunic.  Rare Ulanka tunic.  This ones a fine quality wool in a Dark Blue color. Has Red standup collar with triple hooks at the neck closure.  On the front is the style for the Ulanka tunics, A"breast plate" in Red Moleskin wool with a fold down inner flap that hooks onto the front of the tunic when closed.  14 Brass smooth finish button to the front.  Shoulderboards are held on with a single Brass button, smooth finish,  A light Crimson color with the #20 and two gold pips on each.  Silver tress to the front and to hold the board in place.   Cuffs are also Red with a single Brass button to each cuff.  On the lower front is some period repaired wool where it was damaged at some point.  Rear has Red piping all over and Red piped flaps with Brass buttons.

Liner is a Black shinny silk like material.  There is a tailors label in the neck area and this tunic has a matching tag in the pocket named to the man.  Tunic is in VERY nice shape, no fading, and the only damage is on the lower front, see the photo.  Its really nice, rare and NAMED!!!


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