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RARE NSDAP Political Leaders Gau High Rank tunic to a Blood Order Winner Featured

RARE NSDAP political leaders Gau level tunic.  This ones rare and impossible to find in this rank with the Blood Order.  Tan twill wool, this wool is very soft, almost doeskin wool and of a Higher quality then normal PL tunics, its a tailor made tunic for the High rank and therefore does not have an RZM tag in the pocket.  Open lapel cut, tunic has Gau Level Burgandy piping to the collar.  On the collar are sewn tabs, these are Red velvet based with Burgandy piping and have the Gold eagle with swastika and then the double oakleaf then two leaf bars for the rank of Gau Hauptbereichleiter. On the Right pocket flap is the BLOOD ORDER ribbon, its a two section sewn ribbon and is EXTREMELY rare to find. 

Blood Order winners are those that marched with Hitler during the attempted Munich Putsch in 1923.   On the left sleeve is the armband, Gau piped in Burgandy with the larger Leaf boarders top and bottom and the Multi-section center, sewn on the sleeve.  On the Left breast are many loops, above the pocket flap are loops for a very long ribbon bar, then smaller Vertical loops for the Golden Party Badge, then loops on each side of the center for two other medals.  The War Merit ribbon is in the top button hole.  Matching Political Leaders buttons are Gold tops with the eagle and Swastika, on the back there marked RZM M5 76/6.  There are Belt support plated hooks under each arm, lower for the Belt.  The liner is nice, no damage and has an inner pocket that button closes from the inside, and the two belt ramps have material covering those as well.  Off-White stripped sleeve liner material.  Tunic is excellent, no damage and no mothing, very nice and clean.  The armband has one tiny hole maybe a moth, maybe a pick but tiny, that's it.  This tunic is a top quality, tailor made coat for a High Ranking leader and is a Blood Order winner which makes it extremely rare.


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