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MINT NSDAP Political Leaders Greatcoat Kries Level Featured

NSDAP Political Leaders greatcoat.  This ones MINT and PL greatcoats are very rare to find anymore.  Light Brown wool with Tan Twill wool collar facings and collar.  Collar is piped in White for Kries Level.  Sewn on tabs are Brown velvet based with White piping and each has the Gold Eagle with swastika and four pips and a single lower stripe for Kreis Obergemeinschaftsleiter.  Greatcoat has all matching buttons, gold finish with the Eagle and swastika.  On the back the coat has a single rear short belt and two PL buttons on each end.  On the Left arm is the Kreis armband, mint as well with no damage and no mothing.  Piped in White, it has the smaller top and bottom leaf boarders, and a multi-section center.  Its hand sewn top and bottom.  The liner is MINT and this greatcoat shows no wear and may not have been worn.  Tan cotton material, the coat at the bottom has all the small hooks in order to lift up the skirt in needed.  In the pocket is the BEST RZM tag I have ever seen!  Brown oilcloth tag is for the PL Mantel.  You will never find a coat this perfect!  Its mint and again, looks like it was never worn.  NO damage no mothing no satins.  


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