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German Imperial Tunic with Cord

German Imperial tunic.  DarkBlue wool with a Red tall stand up collar.  Rank brass buttons on each side held on with split pins.  Shoulderboards are Red topped and have Black and White twist cord piping.  Yellow chainstiching with the number "136" on each.  Eight button brass front, tunic has Red cuffs Light Blue piped and three buttons each.  This tunic has the shooting cord which is woven DarkRed and Off White cording.  Back has Red piping to the flaps and buttons.  A Medium to Dark Green polished cotton material for the liner, liner shows some wear from use.  Inner belt and buckle.  Tunic has name tag inside "J. SCHEIDWEILER  STRASSBURG E." and named to the soldier with the date 1913.  Some moth nips and some light tracks here and there but still very nice.  


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