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RARE German WWII Diplomat's Summer Tunic, Trousers and Visor Cap Named High Rank

German WWII RARE Diplomat's complete uniform set.  This is a complete set, all items are named to the diplomat and its his Summer version uniform.  VERY RARE and I have never seen a complete set for sale.  First is the tunic, made from a quality thin Summer wool, its double breasted and has the open lapel cut.  The color is an Egg shell White.  The wool is very thin and very is a very high quality smooth finish.  On the front are the standard Diplomat buttons, all match and all are marked BRUDER SCHNEIDER AG WEIN.  The buttons are faced with the German eagle and swastika with leafs at the base.  There are loops for two medals on the left breast.  This is a Mid-War tunic, and therefore has on the Left sleeve the later style Diplomatic stars for rank.  Three Gold Bullion stars with five points each.  Inside its lined with a fine White silk like material.  Inside the inner pocket is the first name tag.  This shows the maker BERKE-CHUCHER-SCHRODER Berlin W.  Mohrenstr.  11-12, Named to Dr. Kurt Rieth  his tailors number for this tunic only, then the date 1943.   The maker is well known for making uniforms for the Diplomatic service and many uniforms in private collections have the same makers tag.  The coat is a large size.

Next are the trousers. Made of the exact same fine thin Egg shell White wool.  Straight leg style, the front has a double style button clouser.  Simple belt loops are all around.  On the back is a single rear pocket.  Inside it has a sew-in elastic waist band in two short sections.  Next is the second name tag, BERKE-CHUCHER-SCHRODER, Berlin W.  Mohrenstr 11-12, Herrn Dr. Kurt Reith and a different tailor number 1601/43  then the date 1943.  

Last is the visor cap, and its fantastic!  Large size cap, size is about a 59, its made from a top quality twill wool.  Gold bullion cord pipied with a Black capband.  Sewn on the front is a High relief detailed Diplomatic eagle in Gold Bullion, on White then on the capband is a matching Gold bullion Wreath with seperate Silver Bullion cockade.  There is a Gold capcord to the cap and well as a Black bill.  Inside the cap has lots of features.  A fine quality Light Beige leather capband with the makers logo embosed on it, some wear to the makers logo.  Maker is WIRKLICH  STEIN-u. SCHLAFENDRUCKFREI  D.R.P. U. DRGM and the small logo.  The underisde of the bill is a Cream color.  Off-White silk liner has a complete sweatdiamond inside and then a name tag on paper slipped in the slot, HERRN Dr. RIETH.  Under the capband is a folded up paper to reduce the size, I have not opened it up to see what it is. 

Next is the complete history of Dr. Rieth.  

Until the First World War in Belgium, the son of Heinrich Rieth (* Bonn 1844 - † St. Moritz 1918), importer of Russian oil in Belgium, the Netherlands and southern Germany.  When Belgium was occupied by the troops of the German Reich during the First World War, Rieth worked in the occupation administration. [1]  Between 1915 and 1918 he worked for the Imperial Government of Belgium in the Political Department.
From 1919 to 1921 he was chargé d'affaires in Darmstadt and from 1920 empowered representatives of the imperial government.  He then worked until 1924 at the Embassy in Rome.  In 1923 he was appointed to the Legation Council.  Between 1924 and 1931 he was a Counselor in Paris.
From April 1931 to August 1934 he (as successor to Hugo Count Lerchenfeld or predecessor of Franz von Papen) ambassador in Vienna (as such, he took part in the consecration of the hero organ in Kufstein part).  On 25 July 1934 Juliputsch negotiated Odo Neustädter striker, Emil Fey and Franz Holzweber with Rieth the withdrawal from the Federal Chancellery in Vienna.  In 1935 he was transferred to the temporary retirement.
In March 1941 Rieth arrived from Rome in Rio de Janeiro and flew in May 1941 further to the south of the USA.  In New York City, Rieth negotiated with the Chairman of the Standard Oil Company, Walter C. Teagle.  At the behest of William Samuel Clouston Stanger Rieth was interned in June 1941 by the United States Bureau of Immigration on Ellis Island and deported.
On June 14, 1940, Spanish troops occupied the Tangier International Zone.  As a result, the German Reich set up a consulate with about 500 diplomats, which Rieth led provisionally after his deportation from the United States.  At the beginning of February 1944, the Consulate of the German Empire in Tangier was closed by Spanish occupation authorities under Luis Orgaz Yoldi. [6]  In 1953/54 he received a notice of indemnification, in which the title Ambassador a.  D. was indicated.
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