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German Pre-War SA Brownshirt

German Pre-war SA Brownshirt.  This ones nice, Tan twill cotton material, short waist cut.  It has on the collar, Blue and White twist cord piping.  This same color piping is also on the top of the single shoulderboard.  It has handsewn collar tabs, Yellow based with Black chainstiching to the one tab and a single Gold pip to the other tab.  The single shoulderboard is also Yellow based and the Blue and White twist cord piping and shows moth nips to the edge, a single Gold smooth topped button is sewn to the board.  All the buttons are smooth finish and Gold finish, all are held on with removeable rings.  Buttons are solid backed and marked EXTRA FEIN and PC & Co.  Material is great, no damaged save for a stain on the back of the neck, looks like a small rust satin and a few small drips on the top back, but small.  On the Left sleeve is the party NSDAP armband and is cotton and multi-section, lightly sewn on with RZM tag.  Partial white liner has the makers tag sewn into it.  Tag is marked UNUBER TROFFER  WASCHECT LICHTECHT  WETTERECHT.  No fading to the shirt at all.  



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