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Rare German WWII Waffen-SS Picture of a Croatian Soldier in Frame

Rare Framed photo of a German WWII Waffen-SS Soldier.  This ones rare as its for the Croatian Waffen-SS soldier.  Simple wooden frame this picture may be a postcard framed, hard to tell.  Its period done as the reverse has a page from a German magazine thats glued over the back to seal the picture to the frame.  Black and White picture you can clearly see his Waffen-SS Fez and the Croatian shield on the arm below the sleeve eagle.  Waffen-SS pictures are rare by themselves, but his is unique as its for a Croatian soldier in the SS.  Size is 5.75 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide.  Very nice condition.  Also on the back is a very small nail for hanging.  

$250.00 $210.00

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