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WWI Or Pre-War Imperial German Tunic

German Imperial tunic.  This ones a fine quality wool in a Light Blue color.  Has Red standup collar with brass Eagle buttons on each side, held on with chrome split rings, the rings were most lightly add later as there a bit larger then normal.  Sew-in shoulderboards, Red topped and Yellow chainstiched "13"The shoulderboard Brass button has the number "1" on it.  Eight brass button front.  Cuffs are also Red with White piping to each.  Two Brass buttons to each cuff.  Liner is a mixture of a White cotton top and a Dark Blue bottom cotton.  There are what appear to be two faint very small stamps, most likely a museum stamp, but very small.  A few stiching repairs to the liner, nothing torn or damage, I do not see any mothing to the body of the tunic, its in nice shape.  Rear of the tunic has the flaps in a Red piping and six Brass buttons on back.  


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