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German WWII Kreigsmarine Officers Greatcoat

Fantastic German WWII Kreigsmarine officers greatcoat.  This ones MINT!!!  This is a wartime made greatcoat, as there are small differences between the pre-war Kreigsmarine coats and wartime ones.  Very dark Blue wool, has all its original KM Gilt anchor buttons.  Single rear belt strap with single KM button to the rear, the pre-war coats have the double belt and buttons.  Sewn in shoulderboards are for a very high rank of FREGATTENKAPITAN, dull silver twist cord with a single gilt pip to each, and held on with KM screw-post buttons.  Full liner has a single strap and button for the dagger, pre-war ones has the double hangers and fittings.  This coat is MINT and is a large size about a 46US and tall.  VERY NICE!!!!

$675.00 $635.00

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