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Group of Post-War Souval Medals

Small Group of Souval medals.  These are made by the original maker of German WWII Medals, Souval.  The are the medals that came with ribbons, but the ribbons are missing.  Souval made medals and awards Post--war in Austria for US and British forces for gifts and souvenirs.  These are the best you can get in reproduction or copy medals.  These are most likely 50-60 years old.  These medals are aged naturally!  Many times these are sold as originals and Souval medals are now collected themselves.  

When ordering, please put in the notes section which mdeal you want and I will send an inovice as the system will show $0.


1.    Westwall Medal in Silver                   $20.00

2.    RAD Long service medal in Silver    $20.00


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