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Group of SOUVAL German WWII Medals

Group of Souval German WWII Medals.  These medals were made Post-war in Austria by the maker of the original awards, Souval.  Souval medals were made right after the end of the war by the original maker as gifts and souvenirs for the US and British Armys.  Souval made these medals using the original dies from WWII.  The quality is the best, Crisp medals, and great to use as fillers, Souval medals are slowly becoming collectible on there own!  Many times these medals are sold as orginals.  These are the best reproductions or copies you can get PLUS they are 50-60 years old and nicely aged! 

When ordering, just put in the notes section which number medal you want, the amount will come up $0, so I will email an invoice.


1.  Infantry assault medal     SOLD

2.  Panzer assault badge     SOLD

3.  War Merit cross with swords       SOLD

4.  Kreigsmarine Destroyer badge    $35.00

5.  Kreigsmarine Aux Cruiser badge   SOLD


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