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20th July Plot grouping belonging to Freytag-Lorington Large Group of Original Photos 3rd Group

20th July Plot grouping belonging to Freytag-Lorington.  Please see in the uniform section the details and history of these items. Large group of Original photos most likely from the photo album of one of the Brothers.  Some are of Hilter, Goering and other Generals inspecting a train and soldiers.  Admiral Raeder, Ribbentrop, Bormans Brother, Schmidt Hitlers translater, Himmler, Both of the brothers, a few of the photos are of one, or both of the Brothers with Hitler.   Some are with Hitler at Headquarters, and a captured Russina flag, another is of Klaus in his NCO's uniform with Hitler.  Many photos have a stamp on back for a Photo studio in Berlin, but are also hand numbered in pencil.  All are originals, some have the Photo studio stamp most do not, many of Hitler do not, some do.   Very unique.

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