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RARE German WWII Wartime FirePolice Enlisted/NCO Tunic Unissued

German WWII FirePolice tunic.  This ones really rare!  This is a wartime FirePolice NCO's tunic and is in unissued condition.  Wool tunic is of the Police Blue/Green wool, and is in a cut of the Model 43 tunic.  It has machine sewn collar tabs, mouse gray BeVo tabs with the Carmine insets for FirePolice.   On the shoulders are slipon boards, also Carmine based with Brown and Silver bullion cord for NCO ranks, this color Brown was for 43-ON tunics as 42-Back were black and silver cords.  Tunic has the later issue sleeve eagle, on a gray/green felt and the Carmine eagle.  Tunic appears to be never worn.  Partial rayon liner in a pale Green, has the straps the the equipment belt loops and the liner is well marked.  Dated 1943 with the size stamps.  No mothing, no damage, its close to unissued!  Has with matching rayon material, the neck protector.  This ones nice and hard to find!

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$1,150.00 $1,000.00