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WWII German Photo Album from General von Puttkamer and his Staff

German WWII Photo album from General Alfred von Puttmaker and his staff.  A rare and unique photo to an Army General and his staff.  This album is in excellent condiiton and has all its original photos, and all are well done, in order of ranking with the name and rank list at the end.  The album is 9.5 X 6.25 inches.  Has a Green cover to it with a Green string tassel on it.  There are 12 pages total and all have the protective Onion skin paper on each, 26 total photos.    First page starts out written WEINACHTEN 1939.   Next is a desk photo of Alfred von Puttkamer.  Then his adjutant and down the line in order of rank and position.  Von Puttkamers photo size is 4.75X3.5.  All pages are numbered, and some photos are larger then others, some sizes are 5.75X4.  The last photo is a complete list of all in the album, with there rank and position.  Near the end is a large photo of General von Puttkamer's Mercedes staff car, driver and also a Motorcycle rider.  All photos appear to be professionally taken and are clear and in focus, all are well done.  This is a RARE album for an Army General.


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