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Pre-War SA Brownshirt for Reserve

German Pre-War SA Stormtrooper Brownshirt.  Nice example of a pre-war Brownshirt.  Tan cotton waist cut Brownshirt, this ones piped around the collar with Black and White twist cord piping.  The same piping is also on the top of the single shoulder board.  The shoulder board is Green based and has a single Gold smooth button.  The collar Tabs are Same green color, are are White stiched for Reserve 1/R110.  The collar tabs are hand sewn on and the rank side has a single  Silver washed pip which the prongs go through the tab, indicating a promotion at one time.  Tunic has all Gilt smooth buttons and all are held on with Brass split rings so that they are removeable for washing.  You can clearly see on the breast pocket that this man wore several medals or Day badges.  Tunic has a slip-on Red cotton armband which is lightly hand stiched on, nice woven center, no tags.  The waist of the tunic has the pebbled belt ramps all around to support the belt.  This is an early style Brownshirt.  Partial liner is an off-White material and there are size stamps in the neck, this early shirt never had the later RZM tag.  Tunic shows use and light wear, no damage, but some light stains here and there.  




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