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Waffen-SS enlisted Belt Buckle and Combat Belt Rodo

German WWII Combat worn Waffen-SS Enlisted belt buckle and combat worn belt.  Nice set, and both show matching wear.  Steel worn buckle is maker marked on the edge RODO and these buckles were only a handful of issued buckles that were painted Gray/Green.  The buckle is is good shape but shows wear to the face as is the case in most of these RODO buckles.  Only about 25% of the original paint remains, the reverse has about 90% of its original paint on it.  The belt is standard combat issue and is of Black leather face with a dark Brown inside.  Belt shows wear and use in the field.  This belt has the later steel catch on the end and shows about the same wear as the buckle.  Belt is faint stamped 95 on the end.  A rare set to find, and a rare buckle in RODO.  

$1,000.00 $825.00

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