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SA Dagger

German WWII Or Pre-War SA Dagger and hanger.  Nice clean SA Dagger, complete as shown and comes with the brown leather hanger.  This ones clean and in nice shape, the brown wooden handle is clean and shows light use.  Metal fittings have minor scuffs very minor.  Scabbard is Brown painted, and shows wear to the paint, seems some is on top of the paint.  Bottom ball is clean and has a few shallow dents, but shallow.  Blade is makred with the logo and on the back side is the makers stamp WAFFENHAMMER DEGGENDORF.  The blade only shows light scuffs from removal and not damage, blade is nice.  Last is the short Brown leather hanger, shows wear and the clip has light corrision, stamped A DRGM RZM M5/8.


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