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RAD Officers Piped Service Tunic

RAD Officers service tunic.  Light Brown smooth almost doeskin wool tunic, has Dark Brown collar and the tunic and collar are piped in Black.  Tunic has Black Velvet with silver bullion weave collar tabs, and has two shoulderboards, these are also Black based and have the subdudded silver cord tops, with the little "V"'s in the cord, two gold pips for each.  Tunic has the officers version of the sleeve shield, silver bullion wire on black, with red 272.  Armband is a wool multi-section armband, hand sewn all around the sleeve.  Some stains to the armband.  Has the War merit medal to the second button hole.  Has loops for several medals and a ribbon bar, both upper pockets have the center section sewn down, this was done so medals did'nt pull down on the material and sag and it gives a cleaner and smooter look to the pleats!  Lower slash pocket flaps.  Tunic shows some use, some light pulls to the material here and there.  Full Tan satin liner, has a few stains and picks to the material, but overall nice.  Has the dagger hanger and slot.  Has inner belt as well, not named.

$1,000.00 $900.00

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