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Rare German Pre-war SA Brownshirt for Staff Officer

German Pre-war SA Brownshirt.  A really nice SA Brownshirt for a member of the SA Staff.  Tan cotton twill material, short cut waist style used by the SA.  The shirt is excellent and shows little if any use.  Has Smooth silver buttons held on by metal rings, the rest are sewn on.   The collar is piped in Red and white twist piping, and that matches the collar tabs.  The collar tabs are Red based for staff, and have rank only.  This is a rare Brownshirt as its not only for a staff member, but an officer as well.  Rank is Untersturmfuhrer,  and has a silver top cord on Red base shoulderboard as well.  Does not have an armband, as these just slip on the sleeve.  Partial off white liner, no tags inside, belt ramps are the pebbled style in brass and unmarked.  Very rare brownshirt in excellent condition!




$1,450.00 $1,350.00

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