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Reproduction German WWII M41 Tunic Tailor Made in Germany

Reproduction M41 combat tunic.  This tunic and others listed on the site all were tailor made in germany, custom made.  M41 tunic has Green/gray collar same as tunic color, wool is a Near perfect match to the originals, not only in color but weave.  Pleated pockets, tunic has Original Collar tabs BeVo, but the center bars were resewn to copper brown for Motorcycle troops.  Collar and shoulderboards are tressed in the dull-gray NCO tress.  Shoulderboards are slip-on, piped in Copper Brown and have the NCO tress and two silver pips.  ALL buttons are Original german WWII Hollow pebbled combat buttons. 

Tunic has an ORIGINAL Army Breast eagle, it alone is worth $85+.  Has a reproduction Narvik sleeve shield in Silver, and the Gold Drivers badge.  The ribbon, WWI is EKI with top quality WWII spange.   Loops for several medals and a ribbon bar, Close combat clasp in gold.  All three medals are quality reproductions.  Tunic size is an XL or 44-46US jacket size.  This tunic was tailor made in Germany and all insignia, buttons etc. and the medal loops were professionally sewn by a tailor!  Liner is the proper tan cotton twill, this tunic is WELL DONE.  Over $550 was spent on this reproduction, you wont find a better one.  The Breast eagle is an original!


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