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Reproduction German WWII Medals

Reproduction German WWII Medals.  See below for listing and prices.  Many came on original tunics we bought.

1.  Bronze close combat clasp  with seperate backing plate  SOLD

2.  Luftwaffe Ground assault badge numbered 25  well made   $20

3.  Silver Panzer assault badge WELL MADE Aluminum   SOLD

4.  Bronze panzer assault badge  SOLD


5.  Luftwaffe Pilots badge  sold as an original   SOLD

6.  Navy High Seas badge  $25

7.  Navy Submarine badge  WEL  MADE came on an orginal tunic we bought  SOLD

8.  Iron Cross 1st Class  looks aged, but pin is sidways, mistake when made  $5

9.  Hitler Youth badge  SOLD

10.  Silver wound badge solid and well made  stamped  SOLD

11.  Silver wound badge July 20th 1944 solid and stamped  $15

12.  Silver wound badge  solid and stamped on back, sold as an original  SOLD

13.  Black wound badge, cheap copy  July 20th 1944   $5

14.  Cloth EK1  Well made bullion wire  SOLD

15.  Cloth  EK1  Well made bullion wire  $15

16.  Gold close combat badge  $10

17.  Well made Mothers cross silver and marked on back  SOLD



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