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Reproduction German WWII Enlisted Breast Eagles

Reproduction German WWII Army breast eagles.  See below for listing and prices:

1.  Army officers M44 triangle eagle silver wire weave, new   $9

2.  Army enlisted breast eagle  used   $6

3.  Army enlisted breast eagle   used  $6

4.  Army Panzer on Black backing  new   $10

5.  Army M44 enlisted eagle  new   $7

6.  Army enlisted Gray on green eagle  used  SOLD  was on an original tunic

7.  Army M36 eagle, trimmed and used  $6

8.  Army enlisted Tropical eagle, was sold as an original and is WELL Made  SOLD

9.  Army enlisted M36 white on green eagle  new  $8

10.  Army enlisted eagle used   $6

11.  SOLD

12.  Army enlisted used  $5



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