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Unissued Tropical First Model DAK M40 Cap Featured

German WWII Afrika Korps M40 cap.  Mint and unissued, this cap came to us folded flat inside a pair of German Tropical trousers.  Its unissued, never worn and is the Tropical first model M40 field cap.    Made of Olive green tropical twill material, it has the standard DAK eagle on front, machine sewn on top and hand sewn around.  The cockade is also machine sewn.  next is the Green soutache for Panzer grenadier troops.  Its also machine sewn onto the cap and folds under the bill.  This cap has bare steel grommets, there not painted and do not appear to have been ever painted.  They have extremely light corrision to the insides, but very light.  The liner is typical red cloth, and is maker stamped and dated 1941 size 57.  This cap has not seen the light of day in a long time, and looks it.  Very rare to find unissued!


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