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German WWII Officers or NCO Flared Riding Trousers Combat Worn

German WWII Officers or NCO Riding trousers.  This is a pair of field worn Riding trousers.  Made from a green wool, they show use, some repairs from being worn in the field.  There flared, and have the Gray leather sections known as "Riding Breeches".    Officers prefered this style even if there was no "Riding" involved!  The leather shows use and fading, but no damage.  Some buttons have been replaced over time as needed.  Partial off-White liner shows some light stains, plus a faint makers name and sizes stamped.  They have the small watch pocket in front and the ring.  Rear adjustment belt and back.  The wool is worn down in areas, again, these were combat worn!  28-30 inch waist. 

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