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German WWII Army Generals (HEER) Piped Service Tunic Featured

German WWII Army or HEER Generals piped service tunic.  This tunic is close to mint and in excellent condition.  Smaller size Army (HEER) Generals tunic which is Red piped down the front seam, on the cuffs and around the collar.  Piped service tunics were a step above the normal service tunics, not quite full dress, but a bit more formal.  Piped tunics are much harder to find these days.  This tunic is made from a top quality twill Green/Gray wool and is tailor made.  It has a deep pointed Darkgreen collar, Red piped.   On the collar it has machine sewn Army Generals collar tabs, these are some of the best detailed tabs I have seen!  Red based and gilt wire weave and detailed.  The shoulderboards are the sew-in style for Army General and are of the later war Cellon twist cording which are Red based.   

This tunic has a fantastic top quality Gold bullion breast eagle, which has detailed highlights.  Tunic has loops for a long ribbon bar, and several medals.  Gold pebbled buttons finish it off.  Full liner is a light green satin material and features the dagger slot.  The tunic has a makers label in the neck and the name tag, but it was cut out after the war.   You can clearly see where it was.    This coat is as close to mint as you can get and you wont find a better one!  Piped Army Generals tunics are rare.

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