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Reproduction Luftwaffe Generals Dress Short Jacket and Trousers set

Reproduction Luftwaffe Generals Dress set.  This is a set, dress tunic and flared trousers.  This is the short dinner dress jacket, has ORIGINAL gold buttons and the button chain across the chest.  Fnatastic Gold bullion LW Generals eagle hand sewn on.  Loops for two medals, comes with reproduction EKI medal.  Has Generals Cellon adjutants cords on shoulder.    Gold Cellon piping on the collar and white based Gold and Silver bullion Generals shoulderboards.  This is WELL made and the twill wool is exact to the original, German Made.  Full liner, size is 40-42US, more towards 40.  Trousers are LW Generals, flared and white double stripped.  Tie strings at the calfs, these are also well made.  32US waist.  Its a small size set.  This is a NICE set and WELL made. 

$350.00 $320.00

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