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RARE Luftwaffe Generals Flight Tunic and Trousers Featured


Rare Luftwaffe Generals tunic and trousers.   This is a rare set as the tunic is a first model flight tunic pattern, and of course for a General officer.  The tunic and trousers are made from matching twill wool!  The tunic is in very nice shape, some very light fading near the collar, but not real easy to see.  The tunic has gold piping twist cord to the collar which has hand sewn collat tabs, white based with gold bullion gulls and wreaths.  The shoudlerboards are sewn in style, on white wool and are a twist cord in Cellon with a single silver washed large pip to each.  The tunic features many loops for medals, several were added as he was awarded them as the color thread used changed a bit.  This officer had MANY awards including the German Cross and most likely the Spanish Cross Bluegray plastic buttons hidden in the seam as are normal for flight coats. The wool is a top quality twill blue/gray.  Liner is a gray silk and is full.  Innder pocket does not have a name label.  The tailors tag in the neck is well worn and torn, cannot read it anymore.  There is a Chromed "D" ring inside the lower slash pocket opening for the dagger hanger.  Tunic shows light use, I see a tiny hole on the sleeve, more like a snag.  Truely fantastic Luftwaffe Generals breast eagle hand sewn to the front, deep gold bullion weave and tight

The trousers are made from matching wool as is the tunic.  These are the flared breeches and are in the same condition and wear as the tunic, light.  Some light stains to the waist liner material.  Double white stripes down each leg and were made when the trousers were made, not a promotion made item.  Buttons on the leg are the same blue/gray plastic as the tunic, but smaller size.  The trousers have the watch fob ring on the front.  The liner rear pocket clearly shows where the name tag was, then removed at some time in its life, therefore no longer named.  Metal side buckle in blued steel

This is a killer set!  and I have NOT seen a true original Flight blouse Generals tunic in many years.  Let alone a MATCHING set!   





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