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RAD Labor Corps Officers Tunic

RAD or Labor Corps Officers tunic.  This is an nice clean cut tunic, brown twill officers quality wool, short waist cut with lower scallop pocket flaps, and upper pleated pockets.  Rank is for Unterfeldmeister or a Warrent Officer.   Tunic has a Darkbrown collar with sewn tabs, tabs are Black velvet based with silver wire tops.  Shoulderboards are sew in style, black based and a silver wire cord and center brown cord top.  Left sleeve has the Officers Silver wire spade patch with red 284  3.  Loops for one medal on the breast pocket.  The Party armband is missing but you can clearly see where it was sewn on at one time, easy to replace.  Fully lined in Tan cotton weave, has the lower slot of the dagger hanger.  Tunic is not named, and is in very good shape showing light use.  A few sewing repairs to the inside of the collar, but not seen when worn.   RAD tunics are getting RARE!


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