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Massive uniform and paper grouping to Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, 20th July Plot to Kill Hitler! Featured

This is a one-of-a-kind grouping.  This massive set belonged to Wessl Baron Freytag von Loringhoven and his brother Klaus.  The set is very large and all items came directly from the family.   This set was stuffed into to large suitcases after the war!  Baron Klaus Freytag von Loringhoven and his brother wore these uniforms, several tunics, a greatcoat and trousers, plus the visor caps.  But let me give a brief backround of the brothers. 

One of the brothers who is also famous, Bernd Loringhoven has be featured on many Post-war shows about WWII and the Plot, and rose to the rank of General in the West german Army.  His cousin, Wessel Freytag von Loringhoven, provided the detonator charge and explosives for the 20 July assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler.  Wessel Freiherr Freytag von Loringhoven (10 November 1899, Groß-Born, Courland Governorate – 26 July 1944, Mauerwald, East Prussia), was a colonel in the High Command of the German Armed Forces (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, or OKW) and a member of the German Resistance against German dictator Adolf Hitler (Widerstand). Loringhoven was a friend of Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg, who was the leader of the 20 July Plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944. Loringhoven provided the detonator charge and explosives for the assassination attempt against Hitler on 20 July 1944. He was able to obtain unrecognized English explosives from German intelligence (Abwehr) sources. However, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the Chief of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt, or RSHA), discovered the actions of Loringhoven. On 26 July 1944, immediately before he was to be arrested by the Gestapo and fully aware of the interrogation techniques utilized by them, Loringhoven committed suicide at Mauerwald in East Prussia. The rank listing published in 1939 for Wessel shows 1st Army Corp, 1st Cav. Brigade, Aufklaerungs Abteilung 1, 3rd, Krad. Co.  They knew each other well but Bernd was not involved directly in the plot; after it failed Bernd managed to escape arrest, due to the support of Guderian.  The Waffen rock and Cav piped visor cap belonged to Wessel.  One of the brothers, Klaus is the Artillery piped items.  Klaus had some duties with or near Hitler as several of the photos show him in photos with Hitler, same with his brother Wessel.  Klaus was an OberLeut. in 1941-42 and wore the two Artillery tunics and crusher.  There's a ton of research that can be done on this set, and I know there's much more I do not know about them. 

The set is big, and has many paper items as well.  The tunics, and there are three, were worn by Wessel and Klaus, the Artillery piped, two early tunics, Captains rank, and a greatcoat, ALL are named!  and we worn by Klaus.  There's also a fantastic crusher visor with the direct woven wreath and early eagle, the wreath is ultra-rare as its woven into the capband!  There's also a pair of officers Stone-gray trousers also named.  The other tunic is a Parade tunic to Wessel, and is Cavalry piped, with ADJ cords, the tunic is mint and has the number 1 and Recon emblem on it.  The cufftitle is lightly hand tacked onto the tunic and is an Ultrarare FHQ cufftitle in Bullion, and I have two of these!  One loose.  These cufftitles are rare and expensive buy themselves.   There's his Parade brocade belt and buckle in the original box, one small end of the box is loose but inclued.   Several pairs of boots are included as well, BUT the set thats mint with the wooden trees does not belong to this group, as well as the paper covered scabbard, I am sorry, they were put into the photo by accident.  There is a well worn Cavalry piped crusher visor as well that was Wessels, This is an ErEL makred cap.  Both crushers are well worn.  But the last visor is a MINT and I cannot say this enough, a MINT Artillery piped visor!  I have never seen one this nice and its unissued!

There's an Unnisued scabbard, that's not part of sorry set, sorry.  Some sword and dagger inner belts and a sword brown felt cover bag.  Next are two mapcases, with maps in them, I have not removed them to see what they are, but assumning Russia.  There are many photos, and the pics I have here will show them in detail.  Many are personal of his wife and family, baby etc. but the majority are of Service in the Army, and many originals with Hitler, Goering and others.  One shows him getting an award? with Hitler and another shows him shaking hands with hitler.  There are many.  Some seem to focus around Hitlers Train with Keitel, Goering, and many others.  Some are portraits as well.  Next are several papers, a few are Hitler Youth papers, membership cards and ID booklets.  Klaus was the younger brother and was in the HJ, then the Artillery.  Many personal letters written to and from klaus in Russia in 1941.  Last are several books, many popular titles, including Rommels books all are named to him inside the cover of each book.   Hitlers Mein Kampf and Rosenberg's book as well.  There are some othe papers as well, some letters, and city information books? 

This is a fantastic set, and there is not another like it!   This family is well documented on the internet and much can be learned with these brothers.  The uniforms all show wear and use but normal, only the crushers show more wear.  All uniforms are named.  This set is history. 


Below are the only remaining items left for sale from the group, all of the other items are now gone.  


1:  FHQ Officers early version wire cufftitle.   VERY RARE  PRICE:  $3700  

2:  Calvary crusher listed in the caps section.  

3:  All of the photos, documents, books and paper items are listed in the SPECIALITY EXOTIC section for sale.


Keep in mind, these are rare items, and named to this officer and his history, and his direct involvement with Stauffenburg and family history in the July 20th plot, its not just "named" items.




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