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RARE Hitler Youth Leaders trousers, with RZM tag AND other Luftwaffe markings! Featured

RARE of the RARE in German WWII trousers.  These are Hitler Youth Leaders trousers, thats the first rare part, these are VERY hard to find, and they have the HJ RZM tag inside!  To add to that, they were later stamped with the LUFTWAFFE L.S. stamp for I believe Flak helpers?  Last there's a faint block stamp below that hard to read but might be able with some time spent.  The pants are black wool, fine quality and flared as HJ leaders would be.  Tie holes all the way up the calfs.  Buttons are the ones stamped HJ/DJ and the leafs.  Side buckles and straps.  These are extremely rare, and so many stamps!  They are in MINT condition.

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