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NSDAP Political Leaders KRIES LEVEL Visor cap

This is a rare hat, patterned right before the war, as its black piped, before they changed to white piping for the Kreis level Leaders. Tan twill wool, the cap shows normal use, and the only issue outside is a small hole near the front. Its not mothing, but a light tear, otherwise no mothing. Eagle is a nice gilt finish as well as the wreath, the chincord is a fine aged gilt bullion cord, darking over time. Brown bill is smooth on the underside.

Soft Light tan leather sweatband, has a few small holes near the edge. The liner is a fine quality gold silk, and this was a talior made cap of high value for its time based on materials. The best part is the cap is named to the owner!   Nicely typed in old script shows the street address.   Inside the liner is a mint RZM tag, and there also is a period applied wax paper folded up and placed inside the band to make it smaller. Worn, but still OK and a rare piping!  This cap is a big size 60.

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