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NSDAP Political Leaders Gau Level High Rank Tunic

German WWII NSDAP political leaders tunic.  This is a high rank and position.  This tunic is unique as it's tailor name and named to the Gau leader.  Tunic is a fine quality Tan twill material.  There is moth damage to the edge of the pocket and a few tiny holes on the front, otherwise is shows little use or wear.  The collar is piped in Burgandy for Gau level leaders.  The collar tabs are hand sew and are of a high rank of Oberbereichsleiter.  On the sleeve is the PL armband and is of the third highest position of Gau Leiter eines HauptamtesThis position is only below the Deputy Gauleiter!  The armband is sewn top and bottom to the sleeve.  On the front pocket there are loops for two medals, the small side loops are usually for the Golden Party Badge, and a second set of loops, last are loops for a medium size ribbon bar.  NOTE:  the medals and bar are only to show the arrangement, and do not come with the tunic.  Tunic has the proper Gold PL buttons and all match, they are marked on the back  RZM M5/8 Extra Fein "A" for Assmann.  There are two gold belt ramps on the back as well.  The tunic is fully lined is Yellow silk-like material and is very nice.  There is a Tailors name label to the pocket and inside the pocket is the name tag dated 1939 and named to the NSDAP leader "WEBER".  Being a tailor made tunic, thic coat has padded shoulders as well!  Were it not for the moth damage, this would be a close to mint tunic and at a high rank as well!  


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