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NSDAP MINT Kreisleiter's Uniform Set

German WWII NSDAP Political Leaders uniform set.  This set is near mint!  This tunic is for the position of Kreisleiter!  Tan twill wool tunic is the open lapel style.  The tunic has White piping on the collar for the Kreis level.  The collar tabs are hand sewn and are Brown velvet based with White piping and a Gold eagle on each with a double leaf and two leaf bars for the rank of HauptBreichsleiter.   This is the second highest rank in the Kreis level.  Tunic has all matching gold pebbled buttons with the eagle and swastika and are RZM marked on back 5/75/3.  Tunic has loops for a medium ribbon bar and two medals.  On the left sleeve is the political leaders armband and is the position of Kreisleiter, this is the highest position in the Kreis!  Red wool White piped and the center oak leafs strip.  Light soiling to the White center of the armband as it does not show as well in the photo.  The armband is hand sewn to the sleeve.  The liner is a full one in a dark grey material.  There is a stamp "25" inside and it has a mint RZM tag inside the pocket.  Onn the back are the belt ramp Gold PL ubttons with minor finish wearing to them.  Next are the matching Tan twill wool leaders trousers.  Flared style the trousers have all their matching and original buttons.  Small Brown buttons at the calfs.  Pocket buttons are the gold with the eagle and swastika and RZM marked on the back.  Partial liner inside the trousers and a size stamp "50".   On the inside pocket is a mint RZM tag.  Trousers and tunic are near mint, a few tiny stains here and there but tiny.  This set is very rare at this rank and the position of Kreisleiter.  


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