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Group of WWII German Binoculars Veteran Bringback

Here's a LARGE group of WWII Binoculars, all are part of a U.S. Veteran bring back after the war.  These were picked up when he was in France and into German 1944-1945.  I am selling as a lot as that's how he picked them up during the war!  There are several including a Brown leather case which has two Silver Political or possibly Forestry visor cap eagles pinned into the case, as he did it in 1945.  Some are German some are French.  First is marked on the backs, Carl Zeiss  Jena 6X30, optics are clear and adjust fine, no strap.  Next pair are marked Dienstglas 6X30  serial number 171105 ddx +, optics look fine, there is a shoe string for the strap, next pair marked Kendon  Paris Militaire serial number 4369, optics have some dirt on them, but I can see through them, may need a cleaning.  Next pair marked Dienstglas 6X30 serial number 121527 bmk +, no strap, next pair are marked Huet Paris serial number 43945 Indix 6X24, leather strap optics are clear.  Last are a pair in the case of Opera style binoculars, marked Lemaire Fabt Paris with the case.  The brown leather case in not marked, but has the two eagles and strap.  All binoculars show use and wear, some more then others, but all have good optics.  

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