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German WWII Army (HEER) Officers Parade Tunic

German WWII Army (HEER) Officers parade tunic.  This ones in very nice condition.  Fine quality offices grade green/gray wool body with a smooth dark green collar.  The collar is White piped for Infantry troops and has the parade/dress collar tabs, Silver bright bullion wire on White backing.  Both are machine sewn on.  The shoulderboards are sew-in style and are First White piped for Infantry and then Gray piped for reserve.  Bright Silver cord tops with two gilt pips to each and the Regt. number 46.  There are two screw post buttons with Silver pebbled tops to each board.  Eight (8) button front, all Silver pebbled style, solid backed marked "Extra Fein".   There are loops for several medals and a medium sized ribbon bar.  This man was well decorated!  One of the most fantastic breast eagles I have seen, Silver bullion wire on Green backing.  This tunic comes with the Adjutants cord attached.  There is a button under the shoudlerboard for the cord.  The cuffs are the same dark green material White piped and Silver pebbled buttons.  The back also is White piped with the Silver pebbled buttons.  There are a few "picks" to the wool body lower from wear, you can see in the photos, light but "picks" not mothing.  Full liner is nice and has the inner belt, NOTE:  The sunlight affect the look of the liner, it's not faded and is a solid color of pale Green.  Tailors label in the pocket named to the officer and dated 1938.  Nice tunic!


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