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SA Brown Shirt

German WWII SA Brown shirt.  This one is a wartime example and is in very good condition.  Tan cotton material, it has collar tabs which are a Light Green with White piping and White machine sewn numbers.  There is some moth tracking to each tab.  The rank tab is the same and has a single Silver washed pip to the center.  There is a single shoulderboard which is Brown cord with the Silver "V" and is gray based for SA Foot troops.  There is a paper RZM tag underneath the shoulderboard.  It has a single chromed smooth RZM marked button.  On the pocket are loops for a single medal and above that two pin holes, maybe for a Party pin or and SA Tinne.  All buttons have the chromed smooth finish and are RZM marked on the back, they are held on with metal "S" rings.  Next is the Party armband on the sleeve its made of Red cotton and is a multi-section armband lightly sewn to the sleeve and has a paper RZM tag on the back.  The shirt shows no damage and is very clean.  Inside is a partial liner, with a washed out oilcloth RZM tag sewn in the waist band.  There are size stamps in the neck area.  Also in the neck area are several small pressed board buttons for use with an inner collar liner.  This is a nice example of a wartime issue shirt.  

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