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German WWII Army (HEER) Panzer Officers Tunic

German WWII Panzer officers tunic.  This is the best one I have ever seen!  This tunic shows little wear ann has very light fading to the wool.  First the tunic is made from Italian cloth with a dark Green collar with deep points.  Collar has double hooks to the front and also the metal buttons for the collar liner.  Collar had sewn tabs which are a subduded off white weave with Pink centers.  The shoulderboards are sew-in to the sleeves and are also Pink based for Panzer troops with subduded cord tops.  The shoulderboards have a single Gold pip to each for the rank of OberLeut.  A single Gold cypher to each "P" for PanzerJager.  A nice Silver bullion wire weave breast eagle sewn to the front.  All the buttons match and all but one have 100% of their original Gray/Green paint to them.  One button on the pocket flap shows paint missing a little.  Buttons are hollow style, pebbled and are marked A&S T.  Six button front.  Tunic has a full liner in a Pale Green silk-like material.  There is a dagger hanger marked DRGM "A" for Assman.  There is also an inner belt with chromed buckles with minor surface rust on them, but very minor.  Tunic is not named but has a tailors label in the neck.  There are loops for two medals and a medium size ribbon bar to the front.  Medals and ribbon bar DO NOT COME WITH THE TUNIC, there for display uses for the photo.  This is the finest Panzer tunic I have ever seen, and is a top quality tailored tunic!  A very nice condtion tunic.

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