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SA Greatcoat

German WWII Issue SA greatcoat.  This ones very nice and shows little to no use.  SA Brown wool greatcoat has lighter Brown wool collar, the collar has hand sewn tabs, Brown based with Yellow piping and White chain stitching "4/92.  The other side is the rank tab with two dull silver pips for the rank of Truppfuhrer.  There are two shoulderboards, each with Gray base for SA-Foot troops and the tops are Brown cord with silver "V"s.  The coat has a fantastic wool multi-section armband sewn to the sleeve, very nice and bright colors, but a few small moth nips.  Buttons are the SA smooth finish with a light pebbling, only the shoulderboard ones are RZM marked on back.  The buttons match, but two look to be replaced during the war.  This greatcoat is a 1939-45 issue coat and is considered a wartime issue greatcoat.  The liner is a golden rayon material and is clean.  There is the issue SA-RZM tag to the inner pocket.  This ones nice!


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