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RARE German WWII Veterinarian General's Greatcoat and Named Helmet

German WWII Army (HEER) General's Greatcoat and Helmet set.  This group is named to a Veterinarian General Dr. Karl Bottger (1891-1965).  Very rare to find a Veterinarian General as there were only a few.  First the greatcoat.  Fine quality doeskin wool with a darkgreen collar.  Shoulderboards are for an Army general, Red based and sew-in style with Gold and Silver bullion wire weave tops.  Both boards have the cypher for a Veterinarian in Silver.  A unique feature is all the Gold pebbled buttons are "A" Assman marked as well as RZM marked!  But all match and all are original to this coat.  Red wool facing lapels to each side.  Coat has minor mothing or damage to the lower front.  It may be damage from wear and not so much mothing, but it's minor.  Full satin gray liner has wear at the bottom as this coat was worn and used.  There is a sewn cloth strap and snap hook for a dagger inside the liner as well.  Hook is not marked.  This coat is not named but came from his estate many years ago along with his helmet and extra shoulderboards which are listed on the site as well.  A VERY rare greatcoat!  Next is his helmet.  This is the early M17 helmet and is in very nice condition.  Helmet is painted a flat green and has both of it's original decals.  Paint is about 98%.  Has the Army decals on each side, the eagle decal shows some wear, the National colors decal has light age cracking, but minor.  Inside the liner is the original and is the three section Tan leather padded liner.  Chinstrap is also original to this helmet and is complete and shows age use to the leather.  This helmet has hand painted in white inside the rear "Dr. Bottger".  This is an almost impossible set to find and being a Veterinarian is next to the rarest of General's.  His extra set of shoudlerboards are also for sale elsewhere on the site.  Rare of the Rare!  *on one of the photos is a shadow on the back of the coat, its NOT on the coat itself.   SOLD

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