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German WWII Political Leaders Greatcoat Reichs Level

German WWII NSDAP Political leaders greatcoat.  Brown wool greatcoat with Tan lapels.  There is Yellow piping around the collar with dark Red based collar tabs with Yellow piping for the highest level in the political system, Reichslevel.  This is higher then Gau.  Tabs have the Eagle and two pips and a single bar stripe to each.  On the sleeve is the NSDAP armband for Reichlevel leaders, Yellow piped with the smaller oakleaf boards top and bottom.  There is moth damage to the edge of the armband, thise could be replaced if wanted as it lightly sewn to the sleeve..  Greatcoat has all matching gold finished buttons RZM marked on the back.  The interior is a fully lined tan cotton material which has a single stamp, hard to read.  No RZM tag inside the pocket.  A few moth nips to the lower section of the coat.  The greatcoat appears to be in unused condition but does have some mothing.  This is a VERY RARE greatcoat as Reichlevel is the highest!  I have seen few in this level over many, many years of collecting.


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