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German WWII Luftwaffe Greatcoat for a KRIEGSBERICHTER Officer

German WWII Luftwaffe Greatcoat that belonged to a Lieutenant War Reporter (Kriegsberichter) with Yellow piping for Flight troops or Fallschimjagers. The coat is stone mint in every respect.  I doubt if it was ever worn.  It has the tailors label in the neck and the matching name label to the inside pocket, with the original Officers name and dated 1942.  Made of a top quality wool with artificial silk/rayon lining and sword /dagger strap attached.  Mint collar patches and shoulder boards for the rank of lieutenant.  The stunning part is the mint very rare Officers silver wire hand Embroidered Cufftitle. Perfect Undamaged embroidery with no oxidizing to the letters and sewn to the right sleeve.  An wonderful mint Greatcoat with one of the rarest and least seen Luftwaffe Cufftitles!  

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