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NSDAP Large Flag

NSDAP Large party flag or banner.  This ones very nice, and very big!  Measures 150 inches by 57 inches or 12.5X4.75 feet.  In excellent shape, has No mothing as this is an early flag or banner and the Red material is the early style, softer and a tighter weave then the later ones this size.  Red wool is again fine quality and has a few stains as seen in the pictures, but light.  The center white circle is nice and a seperate section with a printed Black swastika.  Double sided.  A few light stains to one of the centers, but light.  End rope is complete and this flag has the town name and makers name tag sew on one corner for Frankfurt a/Main.  This is a LONG flag and is in very nice shape, was well stored after the war and protected.  


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