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German WWII M36 Medical NCO Greatcoat

German WWII Army (HEER) greatcoat.  EXCELLENT example of an German WWII Army (HEER) issue greatcoat, this ones the early M36 style, with Green/Gray Wool body and the Dark Green Badge cloth collar.  On the shoulders are the shoulderboards, slip-on style and are the same Dark green badge cloth material tops with Blue piping for Medical troops, and Silver tress with two silver pips for senior NCO. Buttons are the standard Hollow backed pebbled buttons, they retain only about 85% of their original green paint.  They all appear to match which is rare to find on a combat issue coat.  They are maker marked MK 19mm on the back.  The liner is Tan cotton material and is nicely stamped inside with the makers name and all the size stamps with the date stamp H39.  Sleeves are fully lined as well.  The greatcoat is in excellent to MINT condition.  I doubt it was worn much if at all.  I see no mothing and no stains or damage its close to MINT!  You wont find a better greatcoat!


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