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RARE German WWII RAD Medical Officers Tunic Featured

German WWII RAD Officers tunic.  This ones VERY RARE.  This is for an RAD High ranking Medical officer, and based on rank, most likely a Doctor.  Top quality twill wool tunic has Black piping to the cuffs, collar and down the front.  Dark Brown collar has sewn on collar tabs, RAD officer rank on a Dark Blue velvet backing, Dark Blue for Medical troops in the RAD.  The shoulderboards are sewin style, with the Silver twist cord with Black "V"s, on a Dark Blue velvet base.  Rank is for an Arbeitsfuhrer.  On the sleeve is the RAD spade in Silver bullion wire weave, with red 316, but this spade is the rare verison on Brown instead of Black, this was a color change in 1941.  Red wool party multi-section armband is hand sewn completely to the sleeve.  Last is a Medical sleeve emblem in Silver Bullion wire weave for an officer.  On the front pocket, are loops for one medal, and a medium ribbon bar.  The ribbon bar is the original that came with the tunic and has the RAD long service ribbon as well as others, One metal device is missing from one ribbon.  The lower pockets are the slanted style flaps.  There are a few snags to the tunic, but few.  Very nice condition.  Buttons are silver pebbled and solid backed, they are marked "Extra Fein" on the back.  The liner is a Light Brown silk or Rayon material and has the dagger slot.  The collar still has the original White stiff collar liner which is well marked.  Tunic is not named.  This style is very rare and very unique.  



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