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SA Brownshirt for SudWest

German Pre-war SA Brownshirt.  This ones a RARE piping color to find!  RZM issue Brownshirt has Orange and Black twist cord piping to the collar, on the collar the tabs are Hand sewn and are Orange with Black Chainstiching 21/246 and on the other side is the rank tab, Orange with a single Silver washed pip.  There is mothing to both tabs.  The shoulderboard is an Orange base with the same Orange and Black twist cord top.  A few moth nips on the shoulderboard.  Buttons are a Chromed Silver finish as they should be for SUDWEST and are held on with Brass O-Rings, the buttons are not marked.  The top and bottom waist button are a Brown plastic and match each other.  On the pocket there are two small holes for where a medal once was.  On the sleeve is a Multi-section armband, with the RZM tag in Blue on the back, its lightly sewn on as they should be.  The armband is very nice.    The belt ramps all around the waist are also Brass and are not stamped.  Inside is the partial White cotton liner and the Large size RZM tag sewn into the waist.  At the neck is the BeVo weave tag that says "Indanthrenfarbig".  The shirt is very nice and shows light use, a few small stains, but no damage I can see.  Aside for the moth nips to the tabs, this is a VERY RARE Gruppe to find for the SA.  




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